Monday, May 2, 2016

Need a Loan?

This post is not about crime. It is about a lending company that I deal with who won't rip you off. I borrowed $17,000 from them last year to consolidate my debt so I can grow my business. They made the payments affordable and the interest rate is fair. Once I got my debt under control I tossed all but one credit card into a drawer and forgot about them. This is my strategy for avoiding temptation. Out of sight out of mind. Anyway I would highly reccommend if you cannot get a loan from your bank. Tell them Terresa Portal sent you. Prosper is not a bank. What they do is post your loan request on an investors billboard and when enough investors have responded to fill your request the money is deposited into your account. So you are basically selling your debt to investors and paying it off by paying them back with affordable monthly payments. I had so much more working capital after I got that first loan. It is a good decision to go through Visit their site and see for yourself.

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