Sunday, November 13, 2016

Is There a Law in Canada that Says It's Illegal to Help a Canadian Citizen Just To Be Nice if You Are An American?

My letter the the Canadian Border Patrol [Make it go viral will ya]
Recourse Directorate
Canada Border Services Agency
Ottawa, ON K1A 0L8
I don’t have the exact dates but that information and the names of all involved can be found in the file at the Cornwall Border Patrol office. They have flagged him for permanent harassment every time he crosses into Canada to see my side of our family. The Name on the file is Albert Portal.
This is my side of the story.
As a Canadian living in the US I would like to know if there is a law that prohibits a US citizen who is visiting Canada, from attempting to help a Canadian woman with heavy lifting or anything else. Since when is it illegal to show compassion to another in Canada if you were not born there? Does this sound stupid to you? It sounds utterly ridiculous and made up to me. Does this mean that none of the immigrants you've allowed into the country can be compassionate to us for fear of losing their status in Canada? Do they know about this law? I lived in Canada for 38 years and I've never heard of it until 2006. I want to know why am I being told by Cornwall Border Patrol to pay someone to help me for 5 minutes? How would you even calculate that? I had no idea that chivalry was a paid service. I was born in Canada where people help people out of the goodness of their hearts and no remuneration is expected. Why is this situation any different? Why is the border patrol still harassing my husband over an innocent mistake we made 9 years ago? Why is he treated like a common criminal every time we cross into Canada? How is it that no one but this vicious border agent and those who are protecting her from being exposed for harassment, know anything about this ridiculous law? Is it even a real law? My husband has a heart condition and the stress being caused him by the harsh treatment he gets each time he crosses into Canada is putting him at risk of a heart attack. When we crossed Oct 22, 2016 (8:30pm) he was hauled into an interrogation room, threatened and goaded by the male agent that was trying to push my husband's buttons in a blatant attempt to upset him and make him confrontational. My husband was too smart and knew this agent was just looking for an excuse to justify not letting him into Canada. Because the agent did not get the reaction he was hoping for he told my husband that one of these days he's going to run into that same male officer again and next time he might just decide to ban him from coming into Canada ever again. When he came out of that interrogation room I could see the stress that male cop caused him. How would you feel if one of your loved ones was mistreated like this? All of this abuse and stress on my husband because he did not know Canada has laws against chivalry. REALLY!? Why are they trying to discourage US visitors from entering Canada? Who controls all of their violence and abuse? How are the Cornwall Border Patrol Agents allowed to get away with this abuse of power? We have been informed many times that being flagged nine years ago has set my husband up to be harassed on a nonstop basis every time we come to Canada. I want this to stop before we have to cross again for the Christmas holidays. This is not border patrol doing their job. It is abuse of power. It's harassment and prejudice. Your cops are going to kill my husband if you don’t stop their abuse and the stress they keep causing him.
There was no money being exchanged that first day when this crap got started. I told her that myself. Your female cop targeted my husband for harassment plain and simple. The only money being made from that demonstration was paid directly to the company that owned the vacuum cleaner I was selling. I worked on commission and had no money of my own to pay anyone. It never crossed our minds to pay some stranger to help me when my then fiancĂ© was right there to help me out of love. To accuse my husband of taking jobs away from Canadians is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and I don’t believe this law exists but to cover up the criminal actions of a Cornwall Border Patrol that should know better. It’s no different than when the Cornwall agents beat up on the two elderly aboriginal woman on Cornwall Island. These cops are out of control and covering for one another. There’s only been one officer with any decency that would admit that what this Super Cop from 2006 did to us was wrong then and the harassment we are experiencing now is also wrong. So why won’t anyone with the power to stop these crooked cops, do anything?
I have medical documentation of Lumbar spondylosis in my spine which is triggered by heavy lifting. My husband can also show medical documentation of a serious heart condition that will kill him if he is stressed out too much. We will have that documentation with us when we cross for the Christmas holidays. If there is anyone out there reading this that has the power to get that stupid black mark off my husband’s name PLEASE make it happen before they kill him. These cops are rogue and they make all of the good cops look bad. No wonder they got kicked off the Cornwall Island. Why is this abuse of power allowed to happen?
Terresa Portal
Morrisonville, NY 12962
518 565-0621
After nine years of being ganged up on for this obscure law that I am sure no one knows about beyond the Cornwall Border Patrol, I think it’s time to make this harassment stop and take that flag off his file. He did not commit a crime and they all know it. There was no job being taken from a Canadian. When Albert was refused entry I was left to fend for myself with an injured spine. By NYS law I have every right to sue that officer for putting me in that position and making my injury worse by making me do my own heavy lifting. She knew as well as I do that there was no way I was going to find someone to help me lift a box out of my car in the dark of night. Was she hoping to get me raped or mugged too? What kind of a thoughtless person could do such an icy thing?
No one got paid to help me but I did get hurt more because of the ice cold racism shown to us by that French accented blonde fat short cop that the US border patrol is all too familiar with. They call her Super Cop because she has a reputation for making up a bunch of bogus excuses for denying American men entry to Canada. He made a mistake that has opened him up to nine years of Border patrol harassment. They’ve already made him feel like a criminal and the stress they cause him each time he even thinks about having to enter Canada again is enough to put him at risk. I am not kidding on anything I’ve said. It’s all documented.

Monday, May 2, 2016

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