Protect yourself

If you get anything that even smells like a scam or you get ripped off by an internet purchase please go to for information and resources for protecting yourself and reporting these crimes. Make sure you keep accurate records of any emails and phone calls or letters. You will be asked for documentation

DO NOT go to it's a scam sight according to McAfee secure search

Protect yourself by:
  • NOT downloading attachments you cannot confirm were actually sent by someone you know.
  • NOT clicking links in ANY email. instead copy and past the web address (URL) into a fresh browser.
  • NOT replying to susicious or unknown emails/ senders
  • NOT EVER giving out you zip/ postal code, true date of birth, Social security. social insurance number, financial information, address. all of this can be used to steal your ID.
  • NOT giving out your real phone number. Use an unlisted number, unlisted cell number a google voice number or other numbers that mask your real list number.
  • NOT giving out your zodiac sign or any other information that can be used to deduce your birthdate.

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