Saturday, February 2, 2013

Employment Scam/ Check Fraud

This one is SOOO obvious, Check out the job description at the bottom of this email. There's the give away. That's the exact instructions given in EVERY check fraud scam.

This is a form of bank robbery by proxy.

How this works is they get you to open a bank account in your name where you will be cashing their worthless checks and giving them the bulk of the money after you take your cut. Because the know you will be stupid enough to open the new account at your own bank, they also know the bank will take back the money you were paid for cashing those worthless checks and charge you with check fraud. Then you are stuck paying back all of the money you were stupid enough to wire off to these Nigerian thieves.

From: Hamptons Estates <>
Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 3:49 PM
Subject: Employment Offer

Hamptons Estates Limited,
Office of Employment Director,
32 Grosvenor Square,
Mayfair, London W1K 2HJ.
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to inform you that we are offering you a job position as our agent in the U.S if you are able to prove your credibility as a reliable business individual.
Hamptons Estates Limited is a well co-ordinated business firm with the head office in the UK. We have our branches in Avon Rd, Cannock and in Pedmore Rd, Lye all in UK. Hamptons Estates Limited in conjunction with Ebay as part of our ongoing Multi Level Online Marketing Network will like to employ more hands for more effective business in 2013. Presently, we have customers/affiliates and small business organizations that are registered under us in the United States, Canada and Europe. This network has made us a link between some small scale business organizations and we have over 200 Small Business Organization and over 10,000 individuals registered and placing their adverts with us around the globe.
Due to the world's globalization with various kinds of payments available for products and services and with most of the American customers/affiliates and Small business organizations always offering to pay for our services with an account that is located within the United States as most feel safer transacting business this way, we need a middle man located in the United States who will be our U.S accounts officer.
Proposed worker must be reliable, able to prove his identity, motivated and productive, must be 18 years or above, must have access to internet and a phone where he can be contacted and must have ability to record every transaction processed in case of emergency.
Your job requires you to open a bank account in any of our preferred banks in the U.S. The job requires a flexible schedule shift that would not affect your present state of work. Your salary is based on commission. Your commission will be fifteen (15%) of every transaction you process on our behalf. This implies that every $5000 you recieve on behalf of Hamptons Estate, you stand to gain $750. You will deduct your $750 and transfer the remaining $4250. Does it sound like your dream job?
If you are interested in starting the job, please get back to the employment director on this email ( ) and with the following details:
Full Name:
Street address:
Zip code:
Phone # :
Job Experience:
This transaction is risk free and legal under the reserved bank operation act of 2005.
Employment Director.
Mr. Kelvin Walker

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